by Nox Doloris

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InvalidDreamException Epic, symphonic, and groovy Egyptian death metal from Russia. ★
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We will tell you a story about an ancient kingdom. Kingdom that brought wisdom and knowledge to a man. We will talk about its dawn and decline. About the times of triumph and the times of darkness. About Pharaohs and slaves. About equitable gods, wise kings and fearless warriors. This is an epic story of glory and disaster. The story of Khemet.


released March 20, 2020

Lead Vocals and Lyrics by Tamerlan
Bass by Gorrudah
Dums by Keleseth
Guitars, Background vocals and Arrangements by Rakshas

Choirs on Ancient Legacy Burns by Starlabs Studio
Background vocals on Rising Ashes by Sergey “Shaman” Shimko

All songs written by Nox Doloris

Recorded and mixed on King of Loudness Studio
Sound Producing by Egor Shaldov
Mixing and mastering by Rakshas

Artworks by Dmitry Desyatov & Mosa Eye


all rights reserved



Nox Doloris Saint Petersburg, Russia

Nox Doloris is an oriental black metal band from Russia, St. Petersburg.

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Track Name: Set Maat
I’ve never blasphemed!
I’ve never lied to you!
I’ve never let you down!
I am pure! I am pure!

The clothes you wear (this is Maat).
Your inhale and exhale (this is Maat).
The bread you eat (this is Maat).
Accept and obey. (This is Maat).

At the right hand of pharaoh…
Over chaos and death…
I can breathe in your spirit and feel your bless in my chest.

You are my gift, you are my reward.
The only my way to the truth lays inward.
Show me the path, take over my fears,
Watch me in darkness so I would handle this.
Give me your wisdom, protect me of sin,
Tell me whatever you want me to bring.
Take all my gifts and take all my devotion,
Lead me beyond of my life to the palace of gods.

Never been the God, never died, never raised again.
Anyone who cried called you mother to shut his pain.
Mother of the sand and the Nile you the only one.
Never been the God, but inception for everyone.

So I came for the justice.
Without anger and fear,
Because no one can judge me when you stand next to me.
Track Name: Anthem to Resurrected God
Hail, Osiris, the god of Abydos,
King of eternity, infinity lord.
The one, exited for millions of years,
The one who would die nevermore.

The master of both Crowns
Descendant of ancient gods
You got verge and whip.
And for your name the world arises.

Hail to legacy of gods (for eternity)
Hail to one who never dies (in infinity)
Hail to resurrected lord (no one else could be..)
Hail to verity of pray and the power of life.

Grant me to shine on the sky
And power on Earth.
Grant me to bear away from the fight,
That waits me inside underworld.

Let me go with the flow of Jedu,
As my soul still alive.
Let me go against the stream,
As a Phoenix that arises.

Do it so that I could follow your Majesty's retinue
Do it so that I could do as I did it before

“So let it be, come inside
To separate your sins
To see the ancient Gods
Get ready for this!”
Track Name: Rising Ashes
And the Sun shall rise to erace their reighn
And we’ll drown them in blood once again.
And thousand gods shall beg for death
And there’ll be no remorce when we get their grace.

As the fire burns we,ll trample their force
Their descendants'll remember us as the curse
And the legend shall stay of glory and pride
And walls of Babylon shall turn to dust

They shall fall before the ashes will rise on the east
There is no one to remember their names
‘cause there is no god but Pharaoh for them.
No god.
Track Name: Way of Deceased
Memories of unsilent
Lead from the fear of destiny.
Words under burden of body
Show the way to eternal existence

Over thousand years of demises…
To complete the creation of way for the deceased
By straight of the spirit.
To bring the new incarnation for all.

How strong would you be?
How far would you go?

By the waft of your past
Unforgettable knowledge
Sounds somewhere inside
To point the way.

Where are the cherished gates?
Where are the road ends?
And divided soul will reunite again.
No right to mistake,
Don’t even think to come back.
The last hour of night eliminates your pain.

Step by step on the way to eternity,
You’re scared, but there is no way to come back.
Each scar brings you to serenity.
Each doubt makes you fade to black.

Now you are falling down to nothingness,
No fear but the way for you was crushed.
From now you will never resurrect.
And spirit will get freedom.
Track Name: Ancient Legacy Burns
Keep your gods and save your legacy

So let them choke with their obedience,
Prayers for divine imperfection.
Let them all get what they want
Until their ignorance get them.
Flock without will and reason
Blinded by godly hatred.
Armed with sword, covered by mercy.
Pathetic. Faint. Fated.

Their own god damned creatures
Made in his image and likeness
Outcast and despised spawn

Until slavery was not prideful,
And the last hadn't become the first.
In the name of the glorious Gods,
They have to be stopped

Summoning whispering voices
Full of disdainful despair
All of them search for protection from those
Whom they defended for years
Still they are proud and exalted
Still they impersonate straight
Now, when they call for your duty,
To die is better than to betray.
Who besides you defend them
When you decide to retreat?
To immolate pride for salvation
And pander to beggar's conceit.
After all destructions and shambles,
After all desecrations of shrines,
Where was your faith and reason
When they burned your legacy down?
Track Name: The Cult of Osiris
Spirit falls to the abyss
For the rest of the fathomless being.
It’s decree of existence.
Prays of eternity won’t
Be even heard by the master of death.
Soon you will meet Him.

From the end of suffering
To the source of light.
And the last one trial
Is waking fear from the deep inside.
Sin versus purity.
Anything else aside.

Trembling souls under the scales,
Where the destiny finds its beginning.
Rigorous and fair, the King of all buried,
Unavoidable court between life and death.

Losing your will
In embrace of despair
Catching your throat
Leaves you to stay in the dark.

Sand of your time is almost dried
Beating of heart on the scale is getting louder
It drives you insane.
Your absolution inside,
You are the one who can fight your sins.
But you are afraid.

Matter what the verdict makes the court of Osiris, depends the fate of the deceased.

Pray! Pray! Pray!
You already dead!
So no one can hear you.
Pray! Pray! Pray!
Obsessed by the dread
Pathetic and beaten.
Track Name: Plagues and Betrayers
The Nile becomes a dirty puddle full of blood
Distress and plagues fall down to the Egypt land
It comes through all the houses by the name of god
And getting round the doors, which lambs have marked by red.

And no protection
And no salvation for all
From devastation squall

You see the cattle dying and pillars of flame
You see the darkness lying down to your world
The one who born as slave must also die in chains
Don’t let them break your will, don’t let them brake your word.

They killed your first-born sons, so let all of them burn!
They showed your power of their good, so show them yours!
Go, crucify their prophet, throw their kids in fire!
And sacrifice their women to the Gods of Nile!

Death to the traitors! They don’t deserve to survive!
Death to the traitors! Why still you keep them alive?
Death to the traitors! They did enough for your wrath!
Death to the traitors! Once and for all!

Look what they’ve done! Don’t they have to be killed?
Murdering your children – this is what they call pride.
Don’t let them go, don’t show them your fear, no!
I call up on you! Make everyone scream!
Let them all die, die by your will.

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